its another brand new day !
hope everyone will have a nice day yea
so do me heheh
will be having pool wif xy for the 3rd time later

ok i guess im having my hair cut rly soon
kinda bored of my hair style n
its so difficult to style lmaos
erm just to share tis hairstyle that i might try haha



yea its yan ya lun from fahrenheit

his hair looks like "bangs"?
but i think hai hao leh cos his fringe in the centre is longer than the side

so not full bangs haha
but the prob is how am i gonna wear cap ?
ok enuff of tis yea..

HAD my farewell meeting wif my FORM tEACHER
organised by
thanks for it !!

He's really a good teacher yea for 2 years ...
although my english still sucks la haha
ps tats my fault haha tsk tsk

he's leaving for Canada for further studies
haha so he is studying too while we are
n he is graduating the same yr as us
3 years haha nice nice

alll the best to him !!

gosh tis few days im so freaking bored lols..
thursday will be working ^^ money money

new songs ! on my playlist !!