SRY pls add the .sg behind for those who added me previously so sry !
msn de !! new de
thanks alot !!
ur one add will be one lesser job for me
just take u 5 sec only thanks ah ;D
RoAR my previous skin gt corrupted
so have to change
thanks kaixin for helping again
ps im a code idiot

haven been posting for a few days yea
dun mind my previous post yea
just gt bad mood haha

i rly wan to get my hair dye soon !!
but my hair is kinda short i think
nvm let's wait longer haha sch still quite far
1 more month to sch !!
im starting to love RP n my COURSE
haha after viewing alot of forum
about RP
every say tat rp cert is not recognised or watever
ok those forum make me believe that its not

i guess everyone is hoping to start school soon right haha
very long nv had outing wif my frens
everyone seems busy wif poly enrolment yea?
of course buying of lappy !
well i bought mine too yea
choose acer again haha
my desktop is also acer
so i decide to choose it again haha

ok nth much fun about lappy except the WEBCAM
had been trying out the whole noon wif hong an
cos cant hear the sound at all ...
ROAR so soft
silin macbook was ok...the sound was ok leh
kaixin de dell aso ok leh haha
mayb acer de speaker nt very gd bah haha
tmr im going down rp again ! haha
yea to configure my lappy

well hope everyone will have a smooth enrolment n admin stuff
see u guys soon my fren hehe...

dun think too much ok ..
haha when the times come
we will noe ;D