WOO finally first day of work liao !!
pretty easy job n comfortable job
sitting in a aircon room wif romantic yellow lightning n doing things at ur own pace wif my mp3 on wooo

basically is just scanning of customers medical report of a particular hospital then check for the staples.. dog's ear ( folded edges) n then if its scan correctly n neatly.

hoeyeen is rather worse? he has to do filing n sort out unwanted documents that one cant rest N he sits beside the overall in charge in the room LOLS sad for him while i am alone WOO the uncle beside me so cute LOLs he listen mp3 n hw he type keyboard haha..


my working table


tis is hw much one stack is LOLs mayb more i did quite a few liao there are so many stacks that thr is no place to walk
n today just nice the room gt a security door
me n hoeyeen need to register our finger print !! woo style ehh
every morning we work we need to scan finger print then can open door go home also LOLs
i will take the photo of that tmr...