woo O lvl ended today at the moment when mr siva say u may go , everyone scream n cheer loudly many tear away their entry proof haha .. finally it ended overall was rather ok..
i dun care wat result i get on january .. at least i tried my best pass or fail i dun give a damn..
went to recruit express for job hunting =.= i thought siya say was the job interview but in the end was the recruit express =.= i first time kana interview this kind of thing at first kind of scared but after that jiu come out feeling =.= leng leng lols...
aiyo so leh this few days nth to do... i dunno hw to tahan so long =.= ok this post shld be enuff bah... im so bored !! junhao pierce ear le zzz i still thinking shld i get one too lols... see first bah probably when my hair is longer .. =] bye ..