okok the picture gone ok LOLS some so scared of that pic some love that picture =.=
gOnna UPLOAD JJ LATEST ALBUM soon uploading in progrss)
after which will be uploading mi lu bing album(credit hong an) soon ...


Kaixin, WAT !!!!

YiBing, ty !! LOLs ur favourite right !

Lychee, LOLs yea more chio than ur black teeth chio bu

Fq, PS ah bro i secretly take photo of ur dar LOLS too chio irresistable.

Kaixin, LOLs help u boost courage bodoh.

Xiang, oh OK IM SRY !!! =]

Kaixin, FUNNY AH LOLS !!

DeadDuck, LOLs polluting which pollution u talking about? EYE pollution ah?

Kaixin, OF course U agree la LOLs yb n lychee wun agree !