OK GUYS...back to posting abit of update about the adding of another song playlist thr
the blue one will be those new song which i am currently listening to it everyday the red one will be the old one listen to the blue one first cos they are jay chou new album, li jiu zhe new album. n lollipop HTQXZ de song one is wang zi write de is call dui bu qi do listen .. all are nice haha..not posting about daily life often cos rly nth much to blog about basically its just slacking n studying ..
blah blah so.. COME MY BLOG LISTEN SONG ahahah this is wat my bro did LOLs nv view de come my blog just for the songs =.= lame i noe haha.. continue tagging !! more than 10 tags liao i will reply de !!... =] TAKE CARE MY FREN N GD LUCK FOR ALL UR EXAMS...>.<


shuyi : ps haha link le sry ah so slow.. ^^

deadduck, haha nth la lols

lizhen, yea i noe haha pro hor that guy =]

lychee, LYCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE kana eaten by me...

vivian, zzz u girl take beanie for wat =.=

deadduck, cos u nv update LOLS...

ling, THANK YOU PIGGY but .....u nt damn good

kaixin, G-O-O-D ! lolS