national day was fun blah blah cheer and cheer
still some nt cooperative enuff but nvm
came in 3rd
photos i lazy post go see urself
after that went bball wif bro and his frens
went home around 1 slack all the way to 8
watched beijing olympics opening ceremony
bored ...lols
nth much liao

leslie, relink-ed
kaixin, i say de lor n i found out something
Deadduck, ya y cant ah ! lols
swisz, yea its 'limited edition'
vivian, gt meh?whr?
shiling, lols wat a lousy tag
lizhen, wat ?! nt bad only ah my cap all gd de ok
cheryl,lols u lao tai po la u nice right? my cap
chewcheryl, haha thanks thanks yea collecting more
Caiwen, ehh can u tag something nicer ? everytime pangsai paper
liting, tweety little u then zhu tou k?
simyee, go buy urself la i dun sell durian..
deadduck, come lor i kill them all can le
simyee, wat la i dam lazy can