10 sentences. lychee's principle.

1)i feel like blogging so use long's blog. pls think straight LOL

2)now is prelim period. of coz STRESS la li lo leh la.

3)MICHAEL PHELPS is very cute when he is eating.

4)the ah gua in ch8 show 7pm is quite nice looking.

5)tmr is teacher's day.
among all teachers, i like chong and yip(nt happy? close ur eyes ^_^)

6)Hana yori dango final movie is out. i wan to watch.

7)probably im going to my pri sch. to do wad? ans: EAT only

8)as a result, today's height and weight was shocking for me.

9)i wan to eat KUSHIN BO. my target

10) im lack of SLEEP. my pillow miss me too