yawn wat a good weather to slp now its 3.15pm now hahs
weee finally haha
ytd so hot
todae morning also so hot
buay tahan sia
morning went for remedial
mr lkf in hos
get well soon bah cher.. hahas if tmr he nv come i dun need go for 4 hours?
then went to library slack
we just play poker cards not even big 2 or wat
then gt one CHAO AH NEH security
come to us
"wat are u all doing?"
playing cards ah?
nothing to do come here play cards ah
then we reply library not open yet wat...the book thr gate lock
then he say then can play cards?
then he called us "take out"
we all huh? then i think he wan us to keep the cards
so i told jx cos he huh and look at him
and the ah neh so called shout to us
wtf sia he is the one dumb one so clever still work as security in LIBRARY meh
go die la dun let me see him again....
after that went back to sch for core history lols
bored like wat cher say i put in 5 big % effort wor !!
not very happy at least i bother to come for every single lesson
other pon lols blah blah dun care her next time i pon
after that wait for fiq then went home ...
omg wat a loud thunder !!
sian now gonna read up about core history almost forget everything zzz =.=
bye guys ...

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Caiwen, lols ya thanks for viewing ;p bendan junior
Deadduck, lols nvm la small matter, ehh !! dun say my ai de (idol) bad things he whr gt like vampire he rocks !!! nice song and nice voice hahas wan his song? ask from me ahahs
AyuReady, LOL gd thing that it break ur screen can change new de no gd meh ? hahas lols not rly new blog last time is close now reopen nia mah .. =] ^^
thanks for coming =]