yawn so bored and the muscle ache is so god damn pain !! cant even breath properly sometime walk and do things also difficult lols
too long nv play badminton le la
suddenly call me play
of coz die la
but it is still very fun
weekimwee cup first match against commonwealth
won 3-0 so i dun get to play
lols nvm
then went to play pool, the gals followed too then gt ppl keep taking photo =.=
sibei bo liao lor lols
then went to jurong west stadium
hopping to swim
but then was close
no choice go steal gals book de court
play play play
so tired muscle ache dun wan play le
went home about 4plus 5pm bah
ok i think i still decide to open my blog but i wun update everyday bah see my mood haha
sry guys...