Hi frens,
nth much today
alarm put 715 woke up
but then 745 then get rdy done...
my hair irritates me !!
wan stand dun wan stand ... nb
then 8 then leave home called afiq
lols he also dunno wan call who nvm i called him first
met him under his void deck went koufu buy breakfast
walk to sch...
had CS lesson
bored ?
ok la the coding is making my head big
ok at least learn abit which i dunno anything at first
finish lesson at 12
went to jp eat abit no money buy cake go back sch
lols go back ps sia
sry luhs hahas
after that wanted go areana then cancelled due to some lazy ppl
went home...
chiong finish whole series of brown sugar macchaito
from 1pm sit until 7 plus plus pm..
aw butt rot ah
finished dinner and now blogging
tc and once again happy 16th birthday to siya....

hais i dunno wat to do anymore...u better be doing fine..i hope so..