Ok very long nv post last day of term ...
which means start of june holidays
hais just get back my report bookk
lol nt that well done i think
gt 2 passes out from 7 subject lol sad for me
but somehow i still dun feel nervous duno y
but will continue study more bah
start of june holiday
welll this to me is just days when i can slp later but then have school later
the 1st week and last week will be remedials and remedials and 2nd and 3rd week will be
tuition !!!!! omgomg
can die sia bored of it
wat to do last yr liao faster pass faster siam ;p
ltr going back to sch for my coursework?
or some slping session?
dun care dun even noe wat to do bullshit lor
ok thats all bye..