ahhh today exam start at 1030.... then 6 need wake up and go study wif 2 siao kia silin and afiq in the end both also late i waited for about 45 mins ? lol almost fall asleep haha fiq was late as he told me colgate gt into his eyes? gt sore eyes ? lol then silin pro sms me i in bed slping waaa i was like oh ok lor like that lor haha wait longer only.. then study study then sian jiu come my hse waaa fiq promoting my hse like my hse de thing free de lidat nb lol nvm cant everytime give.. can die then after then went for exam. diao seriously speaking the paper i not dunno hw to do and also dunno noe hw to do? understand? ahh nvm nobody will see haha coz no one noe yet i have blog =] then after exam went home game game game game till now gonna study CS tmr hais forget it nv pass b4 lol just study abit lor 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing mah ahaha oh my msn... kkaes end here.. tmr last day of MYE woooowwww i m so happy !!